Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Exo Lighter Classic Electric Blue

There is nothing as gorgeous as the exo lighter classic. The design of the lighter depicts uttermost class. Furthermore, the exo lighter comes with some excellent features and benefits.

Features of the Classic Electric Blue

It does not contain dangerous chemical
The lighter is absolutely safe to use because it doesn’t not have dangerous gases as compared to the normal butane-fueled lighters. In addition, it features a rechargeable battery that can power the lighter for a long time. It is also environmentally friendly, and thus harmless.

Emits only heat
Unlike the standard lighters, the electric blue lighter. Also, the conventional lighters emit a lot of flames which can be blown off by wind easily. However, for the exo lighter classic electric blue, it does not produce any flame or heat. Therefore, you can use it when it is raining, windy or in any weather condition, and hence convenient.

 Long lasting battery
The lighter comes with a rechargeable battery which is made of lithium. This battery is able to power the lighter for a long time. Charging the battery is easy because you just need to use a micro USB cable on the unit and attach it to a power source.

Advantages the exo lighter electric blue

This lighter can emit enough heat to ignite a range of things such as gas stoves, wood, candles, bongs, and cigarettes.

The out part of the lighter is zinc alloy, a strong protective layer that is also durable. The material is easy to clean. The lighter’s battery is powerful that it can manage 150 per charge, and only takes 2 hours to charge to completion.

Finally, the electric blue comes with a 1 year warranty and full customer support. So, in case of any problem, you can contact customer service for help.

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